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Is Sunday's goal the first of many for Omar Cummings?

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The biggest fear going into 2012 was that Omar Cummings was going to suffer another season like 2011, especially with Conor Casey missing a chunk at the start of the year. Last season, Omar was frustrated, looking like he wanted to carry the entire offensive weight of the team on his shoulders to awful results. After scoring 14 in 2010 he only managed three goals, not the output we were looking for.

In 2012 he's so far looked a lot better overall than he had last season but hadn't been able to put one in the back of the net which caused some concern as he started to look, once again, increasingly frustrated at himself. Fortunately for all of us, he finally let loose a lovely goal against the New York Red Bulls on Sunday, the one bright spot of an otherwise forgettable game.

With the new, spread out offense the team will probably only need to get 10 or so goals from Omar to have a successful year though. We all love watching him score goals though, and his abilities look to be on par with his 2010 form so far this year. How many goals do you think he's going to put in by the time the season is all said and done?