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Martin Rivero is now eligible to play for the Rapids, Finally

Finally. After weeks of speculation on when the heck the AFA was going to finally get the correct paperwork into MLS so that the Colorado Rapids new signing Martin Rivero could play, the wait is finally over. The Rapids originally signed the young Argentinean in early February and hadn't gotten the chance to see him in an actual game yet since there was no ITC for him yet turned in.

The Rapids announced on Twitter and Facebook earlier today - complete with shiny pictures! - that FIFA has stepped into the situation and sent a fax that circulated all the way to the MLS offices in New York City. That fax contained a special letter authorizing Rivero to play with the Rapids, the AFA still hasn't sent the correct ITC. Either way, we finally have Rivero as a registered member of the squad, thank goodness.

It's almost a certainty that we're going to see Rivero play his first minutes with the club this Sunday when the Rapids play the Chicago Fire at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. At the very least, I guess we all get to see him at home!