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Colorado Rapids vs. New York Red Bulls - Three Keys to the Game

This was the first image result for searching 'Red Bulls Rapids'. I don't know either.
This was the first image result for searching 'Red Bulls Rapids'. I don't know either.

The Colorado Rapids are 2-0, with both wins coming against Eastern Conference teams. I've already laid out how important it is that they keep stealing every single point that they can from the East, and their game against New York will be no different.

Colorado has never won a game in New Jersey since the opening of Red Bull Arena, with a record of 0-2-1. The draw came last year with Jeff Larentowicz scoring twice, so that's out this time around with Larentowicz out of the game. Here's three keys to the Rapids going in and stealing their first ever three points from RBA on Sunday.

Cascio For Pablo - Tony Cascio had a great second showing as a Colorado Rapid playing the high striker/winger position. Martin Rivero won't be playing against the Red Bulls so I have a hunch that it's Tony who will be slotted down into Pablo Mastroeni's high attacking midfielder position. Pablo has been quiet but efficient in that spot so far this season, hopefully if Tony goes into the slot then we'll hear some noise from it. Positive noise, of course.

Keep Alert for Counters - Last season's game could have been a Rapids win easily. Jeff Larentowicz scored two goals, both of which gave the Rapids the lead. Unfortunately, both goals were almost immediately followed by quick counter attacks by the Red Bulls that caught the Rapids off guard and ended in rather easy goals for NYRB.

Dwayne De Rosario is no longer on the Red Bulls so that should help this one out quite a bit, but they still have some pretty good attacking players like Thierry Henry, Dane Richards et al. plus the wings have looked unfortunately vulnerable so far in both games featuring the new 4-3-3 with such a central midfield. If the Rapids can widen the midfield a bit or send the striker/wingers down a bit it should quell that situation, but they can't let New York respond immediately if they score.

Omar Cummings - I swear, I'm just going to have this one every week until he finally scores one.