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Scott Palguta Depth Meter: Week Three Update

It's been a sunshine and rainbows sort of season so far for the Colorado Rapids. They're 2-0 after impressive wins over the Columbus Crew and Philadelphia Union, with a good new looking offensive system in place that's starting to win over the hearts and minds of us all.

Unfortunately, the injuries and suspensions have started early for the team and that can only mean one thing, it's time for an update of the Scott Palguta Depth Meter! For the uninitiated, the Palguta depth meter measures just how close we are to seeing below replacement-level players like Scott Palguta hit the field as a starter. One Palguta head is ideal, as it means there's plenty of depth to spare. Four heads means that we have hit peak Palguta, watch out!

Even with Conor Casey still out, this group is looking good. Brian Mullan is actually working as a forward, Tony Cascio is impressing already and Omar Cummings, though still without a goal, has looked worlds better than he did last season. Quincy Amarikwa has improved as well and we're not even talking about Andre Akpan yet. This group looks to be just as deep as it looked last season, and it might even be better than it was in 2011. Oh yeah, and Martin Rivero should be playing soon as well. Getting Casey back will just be cheese at this point.


Uh oh. Both Jeff Larentowicz and Pablo Mastroeni are missing for various reasons, draining the defensive midfielder depth on the team to an alarming level. All we have left is Joseph Nane and perhaps Ross LaBauex if things get critical, which is not a good spot to be in. Sure, there's plenty of attacking midfielder options but the pivot is pretty much screwed against the Red Bulls.
PALGUTA LEVEL: 4 (oh god please no)


It's still not an ideal situation for the Rapids defense as they don't know if Hunter Freeman will be back 100% from his injury soon, but otherwise it's all right on the defense. The back four have been stupendous so far this year and even replacing two of them probably wouldn't be a big problem.