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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 8

Hello there, it's time for another lovely episode of Burgundy Wave's official podcast, the Rapids Thugcast! It's just me and Ben this time around - though we were supposed to have a guest as you'll hear in the cast itself - so join us for 45 minutes of non-stop hilarity in which the two of us discuss, among other things:

* Our friend Drew and how he was supposed to show up for the recording but didn't.
* The Philadelphia Union game in great detail, including player reviews for Jeff Larentowicz, Tony Cascio and more.
* Why we think Piotr Nowak isn't going to have a job at the end of the year judging by the after-game drama that Philly had plus the bad performances by the team.
* Predictions for the New York Red Bulls game. (We both predict a win again, though with far less bravado.)
* The suspension of Jeff Larentowicz plus the return of Martin Rivero.
* Tim Hinchey getting mad on twitter at fans making negative comments after the Philly game.

Click on our snazzy logo down there to listen to this week's Thugcast (or click that word if the link breaks because for some reason this thing hates me) and make sure to join us again next week. Again, thanks to the lovely Virginia at for hosting our podcast!