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Colorado Rapids Power Rankings Check In - Week 2


Two games and two wins for the Colorado Rapids, it's the start we were all hoping for with the new system. There have been some kinks obviously and the win over Philadelphia was a bit too tense for our tastes but six points is six points. The various Power Rankings over the internet raised the Rapids up thanks to their record and gritty win in Philly, though a 4-0 victory probably would have helped their cause a bit more.

Sports Illustrated has Colorado at sixth in the league, not terrible considering they were at eighth the week before. The description for why they got where they were is pretty spot on as well, saying what we all thought as the game in Philly ended.

Credit the Rapids for going down a man but having the ability to hold on in enemy territory all while not having their best day at the office. Having Jeff Larentowicz suspended after his red card is the only real blemish on the season, which thus far has been filled with passing grades for first-year coach Oscar Pareja.

Bonus points to this one for having Marvell Wynne as a member of their 'team of the week'.

SB Nation kept the Rapids pat at 7th place overall, though with a higher average voting score of 6.62 than last week's. A win over the 11th ranked New York Red Bulls might not help much unless the Rapids manage to blow them out of the water.

WV Hooligan puts the Rapids in 7th place as well, bumping them up into his 'second tier' of teams.

Bumping the Rapids into the second tier. Solid win on the road while being down a man for most of the second half. Oscar Pareja is getting it done, even if it isn’t pretty. might have underrated the Rapids a bit last week when they slotted them in the 10th position, but they've given them a boost after the Philly win all the way up to 8th. That might be the lowest out of all of these, but it shows that people are paying attention to how the Rapids are balling now.

The move to the 4-3-3 has been smoother and more natural than most suspected, and Jaime Castrillon has been simply brilliant. Managing to snatch a road win despite playing with 10 men is pretty impressive no matter who the opponent.