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Martin Rivero is still not on the Rapids roster

Only hours away from playing against the Philadelphia Union, the Colorado Rapids revealed that their new star playmaker Martin Rivero was once again left off the roster because his ITC has not been turned into the US Soccer foundation from the AFA.

Fortunately, FIFA appears ready to step in and resolve the situation, so the Rapids should ideally have their young Argentinain back by the time they play the New York Red Bulls in late March at Red Bull Arena.

"We've been informed by MLS that the U.S. Soccer Federation has been in communication with FIFA," Rapids Technical Director Paul Bravo told "According to the last communication, FIFA has given AFA a deadline to respond or FIFA could provisionally clear Martin to be registered."

The roster that was announced by Colorado is the same roster that started the 2-0 win last weekend over the Columbus Crew, featuring rookie Tony Cascio up at forward in the spot that Rivero will likely be keyed to take once he has finally been cleared to play.