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Burgundy Wave presents the Rapids Thugcast - Episode 7

Wait, what? Yes indeed, a new season has begun and with it a new life for Burgundy Wave's Colorado Rapids Thugcast has begun as well! For the uninitiated, the Thugcast is our official weekly podcast featuring me and usually a couple of other people talking about soccer in the US and the Rapids in particular. Myself and assistant Editor Bulldog Ben have plenty to say about this new season, but we've tried to condense it into the 40 minutes you see here!

Check out this week's Thugcast to hear:

* Both of us making fun of Seattle for picking up American legend Eddie Johnson and watching him go down injured almost immediately en route to a 7-3 aggregate loss to Santos Laguna in the Champions League.
* Recaps of the 2-0 win against the Columbus Crew, including plenty of discussion on just how awesome the chemistry of this team looks.
* Thoughts on the upcoming Philly game, why we think the Union won't do well this year and our score predictions (hint: we both think the Rapids will win.)
* Predictions for who will win the West and East and make the MLS Cup from both conferences as well, with my predictions being a bit more off the wall than Ben's.

Click on the logo below to listen to the cast, now hosted on our lovely sister site!


Enjoy, we're going to try and have these out weekly like we had last season, ideally releasing them the day before games. This one was recorded a bit spur of the moment yesterday so it's not our finest work but whatever.