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Drew Moor leads Week One of the MLS Castrol Index

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We all know Drew Moor is awesome, and the Opta Castrol Index appears to be in agreement with the Colorado Rapids defender leading all MLS players at the end of week one. Moor had a wonderful Week One appearance with Colorado, playing all 90 minutes and putting on some shut down defense as well as scoring the first goal of the season for the Rapids. He is joined by fellow Rapids Matt Pickens and Luis Zapata in the top 20.

The Castrol Index is a special tracking system created by Opta to track every movement on the field by every player, deducing whether or not they are causing positive or negative overall impact for their team. Moor was the seventh best player in Major League Soccer in 2011 according to the Index.

Of course, as is pointed out in the comments, having a Castrol Index update this early in the season makes pretty much no sense. Actually, they said it better:

Castrol Index rankings at the end of week 1 makes even less sense than Power Rankings.