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Colorado Rapids Power Rankings Check In - Week One

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The Colorado Rapids are on the rise in the world of MLS power rankings, though not in very high slots as people are still skeptical of Colorado's chances.'s power rankings have the Rapids up this week to 10th place, which is probably way too low for them but higher than the 12th place position Colorado was originally in. If results keep coming, then they'll rise.

The learning curve for the 4-3-3 didn’t look too steep on Saturday as the Rapids forced turnovers, created space in the inside channels, and generally ran the Crew ragged for 90 minutes. Getting Conor Casey back next month will only help, as will the midfield reinforcements from South America.

The SB Nation MLS power rankings - voted on by the various MLS editors around the site - have the Rapids at 7th overall, noting that they had a very impressive start for a team that had, according to some people, mediocre expectations originally.

7. Colorado Rapids (7.82): Perhaps no team looked more impressive, at least in relation to expectations, than the Rapids in their win over the Crew. Oscar Pareja seems to have effectively changed the playing style and it was clearly evident on Saturday. Last week: 8 (9.73)

This is pretty similar to last season, when everyone was underrating the Rapids right at the start until they actually won a couple of games. Obviously, it didn't work out in the end for Colorado as they fell near the end thanks to injuries and the like, but it's probably going to take a couple more wins for the Rapids-skeptical to change their tone. Quite frankly, the Rapids are the hardest team in the league to parse right now so I don't blame them at all for keeping them lower after only one win over the reeling Columbus Crew.