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Pablo Mastroeni has another head injury

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Captain Pablo Mastroeni was forced to leave the Colorado Rapids home opener against the Columbus Crew late in the second half after getting elbowed to the back of the head. After last season's concussion which sidelined him for the entire playoffs and a good chunk of the offseason as well, precaution is obviously word one when it comes to Pablo getting head injuries.

If Pablo has to miss some games, look for Martin Rivero - assuming he's actually in the lineup by the time the Union game comes around - to take his spot as attacking midfielder in the starting lineup. That's one of the areas that the team has plenty of depth in at the moment, so any possible lengthy injury to Mastroeni is a bit easier to take. It would still stink to miss our captain though, obviously.

Fortunately, that was the most serious injury problem from Saturday's game with everyone else staying healthy. After last season's injury hell, we have to stay on our toes about those sorts of things. Get well soon, Pablo.