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Mystery #10 Player could be revealed as soon as this weekend

These are the eyes of a man who's hiding something!
These are the eyes of a man who's hiding something!

The Colorado Rapids certainly haven't skimped on the excitement and transfer flair this offseason, something we haven't seen from Colorado in... well if we've ever seen it, it's been a while. In getting rid of Caleb Folan and Macoumba Kandji, a bit of the offensive depth has been taken away but it's probably because they've been telegraphing their getting a 'True #10' player for a little while now.

Our Denver Post friends over at The Terrace mentioned in their most recent article about the Macoumba Kandji trade that the move was likely in order to shave off some cash from the roster in order to pick up the mystery player, though he won't be a Designated Player. It also mentions at the end of the article that he could be revelaed to us sooner than we think:

Hinchey added that the player won’t need an official designated player tag.

But expect that name to surface before the team travels to Hawaii on Feb. 19. It’s likely we’ll learn of the addition as early as this weekend.

All we know for sure is that he's a young 22 year old from Argentina who already has lots of club appearances and will come in to make a superb impact on the Rapids offense right away. Vague sure, but at least it's leaving the doors open for guessing!