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Colorado Rapids launch the 'One Club' initiative

The Colorado Rapids announced a few days ago that they would be announcing a 'new fan initiative' Monday afternoon, and they didn't disappoint the gang of fans who showed up to the Denver Pavilions downtown.

Rapids President Tim Hinchley was there along with Conor Casey and some other Rapids front office members and 9News reporter Susie Wargin. They made the announcement as a giant Rapids jersey was spread on the ground that they were introducing a new initiative called the 'One Club' campaign. The essential idea is that every season ticket holder in 2012 would get their names embedded into the jerseys for 2013.

Then they had everyone in the area sign the giant jersey and gave everyone a free T-shirt, always nice.

Personally I think it's a pretty cool idea, if not one that was given just a bit too much fanfare. The names will only be on authentic jerseys like the ones the players wear, not the replicas. Either way, it's a nice way to let the Rapids loyalists feel more a part of the team, which is a problem that former front offices have had with the Rapids fan base.