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Reports: Caleb Folan linked to Greek side Panionios Athens, then unlinked

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Caleb Folan's divisive time as a Colorado Rapids player might be over even sooner than we expected. linked to this article in their early post on Thursday, indicating that the Rapids were in talks with Greek side Panionios Athens for the 29 year old striker's services. It also indicated, however, that the talks had broken down at some point and that a move wasn't likely.

It looked for a while last night like the move had actually happened, as the Pid Army on twitter found two different sources saying that Folan had indeed been signed by Panionios. Unfortunately, twitter account @GreekFooty had reported on Wednesday that the move, while close, had never happened. So as it stands right now it looks like Folan is still on the Colorado Rapids.

This would have been the first transfer by the Rapids removing a player rather than gaining one -- Sanna Nyassi was lost in the expansion draft while Danny Earls and Miguel Comminges were simply released.

Folan was second on the team in goals in 2011 with six tallies including two penalty kicks and a brace against DC United early in the year. His 29 appearances was one of the highest totals on the team during a year when almost everyone was in some way injured at some point.

If the Colorado Rapids ever make any actual news about this official, it will help obviously.