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Injured players starting to train again with Colorado Rapids

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Good news on the injury front for the Colorado Rapids, after a spat of awful injuries later into last season it looks like some of the victims - Conor Casey, Anthony Wallace and Jamie Smith in particular - are coming back onto the field and putting themselves back into the mix of things, though none of them are ready to play quite yet.

Earlier today, the Rapids put out a picture of a training session along with the following quote, which is quite encouraging:

First time back on a natural grass training field at DSGP. Nice to see Jamie, Conor, and Wally taking part in the opening fitness drills!

Conor Casey snapped his Achilles tendon during a game against the Seattle Sounders last season, while Anthony Wallace spent the entire year battling various injuries leading up to surgery and Jamie Smith tore his ACL late in the year. All three of them were key members of the Rapids 2010 MLS Cup winning squad, so it's good to see all three of them on the road to recovery.

None of the three will be ready for the opener on March 10th, but if at least Conor and Anthony are ready by April it will be of great help to the squad's chances.