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POLL: Can Cascio outpace Nyassi's 2011?

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Colorado Rapids first round draft pick Tony Cascio was selected due to being the best pure winger in the entire draft. With Sanna Nyassi being selected by the Montreal Impact in this year's expansion draft, there was a bit of a hole on the team in that regard and though they've since bolstered the midfield with plenty of other signings, Cascio remains an intriguing figure in the Rapids midfield/strike force.

Like Nyassi, he can play both on the wing or forward and has a nose for goal. He loves to shoot a bit more than Nyassi and his accuracy and confidence are both arguably a bit higher but past that he's the quintessential Nyassi replacement - I'd argue that Nyassi is a poor man's Cascio, but then I'm bias.

We saw Cascio score a beauty against Melbourne Heart in the consolation game of the Hawaii Invitational, and he looks like he's quickly melding well into the new 4-3-3 formation that the Rapids are running. Nyassi took a while to get settled in last season, but still ended the year with six goals and a handful of assists as well. If Cascio can keep pace with those numbers, the Rapids offense will be perfectly good running through him.

What say you, Rapids fans? Can star of stage and screen Adrian Brody Tony Cascio in 2012 outpace Sanna Nyassi's numbers from 2011, six goals and five assists?