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Confusion as to whether or not Rapids vs. Yokohama will be on ESPN3

Say whaaaaat?
Say whaaaaat?

Originally when the announcements about the Hawaii Invitational Soccer Tournament starting tonight came out, we were given the impression that all of the games for the tournament were going to be originally shown on ESPN3, ESPN's online streaming channel. Unfortunately, in the Colorado Rapids official game preview, they appear to be paining a different picture, that ESPN3 will not be showing the first day's games after all.

Thursday's match is set to kickoff at 8:30 pm local time (1:30 am Friday in Colorado), but the team was informed today that ESPN3 will not broadcast the first games as was originally relayed. ESPN3 did confirm that they will air both matches Saturday.

That's not the full story though, as Major League Soccer was asked by our friend @DrewHutchison via twitter if the games were going to be shown on ESPN3 today, and MLS responded positively.

Yes Andrew, the will be broadcast via . Should be fun to watch the in HI.

The heck?