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Colorado Rapids rank 9th in first preseason MLS Power Rankings

The Colorado Rapids did not have what anyone would call a great year last season, barely sneaking into a playoff spot mostly because of an awful injury spat that almost completely deleted their offense. The first official MLS Power Rankings are now out and the Rapids rank 9th out of the 19 teams in MLS. Not bad, and not particularly surprising as the team is under a brand new system that is pretty much a mystery to everyone.

There's no guarantee that the Rapids will be as good as the Sounders and Galaxies of the league, though putting them behind New York is a bit strange; the rankings look as good as they probably could be.

A lot of folks used the throttling Colorado took at the hands of SKC as proof that their MLS Cup 2010 title was a fluke, but the reality is that they had a simply ridiculous glut of injuries to deal with. If they get healthy – and they should by April or so – they’ll be in the hunt.

  • Key Addition: Hunter Freeman (D)
  • Key Losses: Sanna Nyassi (M), Miguel Comminges (D)
  • First Game: March 10 vs. Columbus

The strangest thing about it is probably the fact that Hunter Freeman is counted as a key addition... but Jamie Castrillon is not. Other than that, we all know power rankings are just BS anyway until the season starts - and they continue to be BS during the season, just to a slightly lesser degree - so it's hard to find too much to complain about with the Rapids being in the top 10.

EDIT: Castrillon was added into the article after this was published, heh.