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The Rapids have headed to Hawaii!

The Colorado Rapids are going to the tropical island wonderland of Hawaii, but it's not for a vacation! Well, it's kind of a vacation... to Disney World, if Disney World were in Hawaii and were a soccer tournament featuring random teams who probably don't want to be there in order to win something shiny.

If you haven't figured it out, the joke here is that they're playing in a Mickey Mouse Cup.

Anyway, on Sunday morning the Rapids headed down to Hawaii to take part in the 2012 Hawaii Soccer Invitational Tournament, a new tourney featuring teams from MLS, J-League, K-League and A-League in Asia and Oceania. It follows a similar format to an older tourney called the Pan-Pacific Championship.

More coverage of the tournament will start here on February 22nd, before the tournament begins. One thing to note first though, if you want to watch the games they'll all be available on ESPN3, though quite late at night in Mountain Time.