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Colorado Rapids sign Argentinian playmaker Martin Rivero on loan

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It took quite a while for the news to finally break ever since Paul Bravo announced that a signing was coming at the Supporters Fan Forum, but we've finally got our 'mystery #10' for the Colorado Rapids. The Rapids announced on Tuesday that they had signed attacking midfielder Martin Rivero out of Rosario Central. Rather than getting him on a full contract, he's going to be the first Rapids player to sign via a loan in quite a while!

Rivero has had a decent career with the club since they got relegated to the second tier of the Argentinian club, and knowing Oscar Pareja's ability to scout young talent, the amount of hype that Rivero was given should prove him to be a quite exciting player in Burgundy.

The 22 year old Argentinian is certain to feature big in the future plans of the team. No details on the loan contract have been released as per the usual MLS hiding everything. This is the latest in the huge midfield expansion that the Rapids have seen in the past couple of weeks, and another cog in the brand new 'attacking mentality' of the squad alongside guys like Tony Cascio, Jaime Castrillon and Kohei Yamada.

We would like to welcome Rivero to the club!