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Denver Post: Colorado Rapids mystery player is Martin Rivero

It looks like the Denver Post might have spilled the beans on who our mysterious 'True 10' player is, and it's not someone from River Plate. It's looking like our new player is going to be one Martin Rivero, a - as promised - 22 year old midfielder from Argentina with only one club to his name so far in his young career, Argentinean side Rosario Central.

The post reports:

Last month, Rivero told reporters in Rosario that he was upset with Central management over his contract. Rivero did not train with the team in January and his name was removed from the team's website. He also surfaced in rumors linking him in a move to Deportivo Cali in the Colombian first division.

We'll see if the Post is correct with their guess tomorrow at 3 PM, but this looks to be the best guess of anybody so far on who our mysterious new player is going to be.

In other news, looks like Tim Hinchey really was in Dallas for the tex-mex.