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Argentine Player announcement moved to Tuesday


Well, never mind then. The announcement for that new 'true 10' Argentine player that Colorado Rapids fans have all been waiting for was originally scheduled for 3 PM Mountain Time on Monday, but the schedule appears to have been changed.

Rapids president Tim Hinchey announced earlier today on twitter that the announcement has been delayed until tomorrow as he is currently in Dallas. The already long wait is going to be just a bit longer, hopefully the announcement is worth not only the hype it generated already but whatever else is going to stir up in the next day!

We're assuming that it's still going to be at 3 PM, since he said '24 hours' rather than just 'tomorrow'. In that case, we'll just have to keep the speculation going as to who this mysterious new player is! (Of course, at least one person knows because somebody had to have gotten that contest right, but who's counting?)

By the way, Justin Hein on twitter brings up a good point with this tweet. River Plate was in Dallas today...