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Mystery Argentine to be announced at 3 PM on Monday

Colorado Rapids president Tim Hinchey III announced yesterday that he was going to hold a little contest on Twitter to see who could guess the newest member of the Rapids, our mysterious Argentine 'True 10'. During all the kerfuffle, Hinchey also revealed the date and time that we would finally learn who our new midfielder/forward would be.

Hinchey tweeted that we would get an announcement at 3 PM on Monday, February 11th. Had somebody not won the contest yet, they had left it open to guessing all the way up until 9 AM Monday.

Hopefully the announcement lives up to the hype, there's been all sorts of talking about who this new kid is and how much he's going to impact the new Rapids system of offense. Either way, it's yet another exciting midfield signing in an offseason that has been absolutely bloated with exciting midfield signings. It's hard to complain about that.