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Paul Bravo receives three year contract extension

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Colorado Rapids technical director Paul Bravo escaped the big clean up that hit the old front office regime and ended the tenure of Gary Smith as well as removing Jeff Plush from the president's position. Now it looks like Paul is going to be sticking around with the team as part of the new regime for a very long time.

New team president Tim Hinchey announced it first on the Bleeding Burgundy podcast produced by supporters group Class VI and the Denver Post confirmed the suspicions from a team source on Tuesday. Bravo's contract has been extended for three years as the head of soccer operations for the team. Bravo was the one behind the hiring of our new manager Oscar Pareja and in that regard has probably earned the extension considering how good the hire has looked so far.

Congratulations to Bravo (Bravo to Bravo?) for earning a contract extension, now get back to signing more players for the new look 2012 team!