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Marvell Wynne, Hunter Freeman, Jamie Smith Have One Week To Re-Sign

Marvell Wynne, Hunter Freeman and Jamie Smith all have until Friday to re-sign with the Rapids before the second round of the Re-Entry Draft, where all three could have a chance to be taken.

Doug Pensinger

The first round of the MLS Re-Entry Draft went, as predicted, quickly and with almost no activity. (Seriously, Chicago, Maicon Santos?!) That leaves one week for the Colorado Rapids to get Marvell Wynne, who passed on the first round of the draft, Hunter Freeman and Jamie Smith signed up.

If the three of them aren't back on the roster with new contracts by Friday, they'll be eligible for the second round of the draft. In the second round, old contracts are thrown out and players renegotiate with the teams that picked them. That could leave Wynne and possibly even Freeman on another team by the time the day is over. Freeman was Colorado's selection in the second round last season.

Smith is probably the safest of the three players, he has said before that he is happy to live in Colorado with his family and made a 'call' to Rapids season ticket holders a few days ago.

Wynne would almost certainly be taken though, and he's the guy that the Rapids need to focus on getting that pen on paper for. He's probably not worth the almost $350,000 that he's making, but he's certainly not a guy that the team can afford to simply let go. They have a week and they seem convinced that it's going to happen, so I'm still not going to be worried about it.

Now, if it hasn't happened by Thursday, you can probably cite me as worried. Hopefully, it won't come to that.