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Rapids Pass On Re-Entry Draft

The Colorado Rapids passed on the first round of the Re-Entry Draft.

Doug Pensinger

No surprises. The Colorado Rapids announced almost immediately after the Re-Entry Draft started that they had passed on it. Most players available in the first round were there because of large contracts, which will likely mean plenty of movement in the second round, but nothing much to speak of in the first.

As of this writing, every other team that has stepped up to the plate has passed as well except for the Chicago Fire, who selected Maicon Santos. This is what happens just about every year during the RED, so I don't think anyone is going to be too surprised by this development.

The second stage of the RED will be next weekend at the same time, at which point we can probably expect to see some action. Colorado selected Tyrone Marshall in 2010 and Hunter Freeman in 2011 with their second round picks, so the history is there for this team.

I suppose we'll see you next weekend, then!