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Yeah, he's most likely never going to sign with any MLS team, let alone the Rapids, but that's never stopped us before!

George Frey

Ohoho, you thought that the Humberto Suazo chat was over after that other article? Well I'll tell you what, it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings! (The fat lady, of course, is Paul Bravo.)

The biggest reason why the 'Suazo to MLS' rumors were shot down when @MLSTransfers put them out (other than the fact that there's zero proof that MLSTransfers is actually a legit group of rumor mongers) was that Suazo had reportedly signed a big new contract with Monterrey recently.

Turns out that might be bogus, at least if Yahoo! News and Suazo's twitter account is anything to go by:

Humberto Suazo continues to avoid the advances of Monterrey, which would like to extend the contract of the star striker, which expires after the Clausura 2013.


"What’s been said is false, still nothing has happened," the Chilean reported via his Twitter account.

Of course, even if all of this was true, any MLS team that signed him would still have to pay him almost three million dolalrs a season, minimum. That knocks about every team that would need him out of the race unless Stan Kroenke suddenly decides that he didn't really need nine million dollars anyway.