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Marvell Wynne Out Of Re-Entry Draft

Rapids defender Marvell Wynne has opted out of the first round of the Re-Entry Draft on Friday.

Doug Pensinger

Marvell Wynne has officially opted out of the first round of the Re-Entry Draft tomorrow, preferring instead to keep negotiations going with the Rapids rather than testing the waters of draft selection. Hunter Freeman and Jamie Smith are still on the list, which means that eight Rapids players will be available for selection in the first round.

Quite frankly, I wasn't really worried about Wynne tomorrow in the first place. With the bloated salary he has been carrying -- the same salary that made the Rapids decline their option on him in the first place -- I have doubts that any team would want to get him in the first round of the draft. If he hasn't been re-signed by the second round, I will start to worry that we'll lose him.

Ideally, all three will still be Rapids players on Saturday and will have contracts completed by the second round.

Very few players are likely to be taken in the first round, with teams required to keep the contracts of the players when selected. In the second round, teams and players negotiate new contracts with each other.