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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 31: B*ckham, Trades, Transfers And Drafts

Episode 31 of the dirtiest podcast in football, a special off-season edition!

You thought we were done for the off-season, didn't you? Didn't you? Well, the Rapids Thugcast in 2012 isn't quite dead yet, even though the season is over we've still got plenty to talk about. This is an airing of grievances episode -- Happy Festivus, everybody -- where Ben and I don't have any particular topic to talk about, just the off-season and things that bugged us about 2012.

As a result, this is the longest Thugcast yet. Grab some popcorn or something and get ready for some crabbin'.

Topics for this week:

* David B*ckham's overblown contributions to the league and why MLS has made a mistake hanging their hat on him and only him for the past five seasons, along with the unfortunate tendency the league has to try and attract fans with gimmicks rather than actual storylines.
* Transfer talk and talk about the various signings that have gone on around the league and on the Rapids. Unsurprisingly, we're not exactly thrilled with the signing of Atiba Harris, but still plenty happy about the release of Scott Palguta!
* A topic that's been a long time coming, why shoving promotion and relegation into MLS, as it stands right now, would almost immediately kill the league as we know it.
* MLS Re-Entry Draft and the one guy that both Ben and myself want to see the Rapids snag. Also, dirty jokes and toilet humor because we're terrible people.

Clicky the picture below to listen to this edition of the Thugcast, and check us out on iTunes as well: