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Marvell Wynne Should Move To Right Back

Moving Marvell Wynne to his old position of right back could solve quite a few problems at once for the Colorado Rapids.

George Frey

Marvell Wynne was never really a great defender for the Colorado Rapids, playing well when surrounded by a shell of Drew Moor, Pablo Mastroeni and Jeff Larentowicz in the Gary Smith system. Mostly, he was useful for his blazing speed which allowed him to cover for some of his defensive mistakes. Unfortunately, with the defense collapsing this season he suffered the most.

I have an option that could possibly solve a couple of problems in one go. Move Marvell Wynne back to right back. That was the position he was drafted in and the position that he was almost a fledgling U.S. International in back when he was the No. 1 overall pick by Toronto FC. Right back is currently a need for the Rapids, and slotting Wynne over there would solve the depth problem.

In the draft, I've already said that they should add some defensive depth, but there aren't very many outside backs that will be available until the mid-second round. Move Wynne over, you've got the right back depth solved and you can focus your top pick on Eric Schoenle or Walker Zimmerman to get some solid youth onto the back line. (Perhaps hope for the next Austin Berry?)

It's arguable that Wynne's best performance of the last two seasons was the one time he was put at right back by Gary Smith, a game against the New England Revolution. It ended 0-0, but not for a lack of trying by Wynne. He was impressively involved in the offense -- make no mistake, Wynne is a far better attacking fullback then Drew Moor -- was able to make the defensive cut-offs he needed to and was able to put that blazing speed to good use for something other than charging down someone that had already run past him.

Wynne's performance at center back was unfortunate this season, and we really only have one or two options with what to do with him. (Assuming that he doesn't go in the Re-Entry Draft, of course.) Either try and move him back or hope that he suddenly improves a lot next season compared to this one. Personally, I'd prefer they attempt the former.