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Hendry Thomas Signed To Long-Term Deal

Tim Hinchey has let it be known on twitter that Hendry Thomas has been re-signed by the Rapids to a long-term deal.

Harry How

Great news coming out of the Rapids today, as Tim Hinchey announced on twitter that Hendry Thomas had been signed to a long-term deal by the club.

Thomas came in for the final quarter or so of the season and was fabulous in almost every appearance he had with the team. His passing was immaculate, his distribution was spot-on and he even tried to get into the offense a few times later in the season. Along with Martin Rivero, he was the number one guy that the Rapids needed to make a move on.

I expect him to be the team captain -- he is El Patron, after all -- next season unless Pablo Mastroeni both comes back and has the ability to put in a lot of minutes on the field. That's a solid signing and, assuming his form doesn't drop Omar Cummings style next season, instantly improves the passing game and defensive game of the team for the long-term.

The official announcement has not come out yet, but we're probably not going to hear any real details about the contract anyway. Either way, it's great to hear that Thomas is a long-term Rapid.