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Colorado Has Nine Players In Re-Entry Draft, Barring Re-Signings

This weekend's Re-Entry Draft will feature up to nine players from the Rapids, with three of the possible candidates still in contract negotiations.

Trevor Brown

The 2012 MLS Re-Entry Draft will start this weekend, featuring a wide list of players released by MLS teams in the past month or two. Nine Colorado players who are out of contract or have had their options declined are featured this season, with Conor Casey of course being the crown jewel, and the only one likely to be picked, of the bunch:

Conor Casey
Tyrone Marshall
Scott Palguta
Ian Joyce
Joseph Nane
Tyson Wahl
Marvell Wynne
Jamie Smith
Hunter Freeman

Three of those players will, hopefully, not be on that list by the time the draft actually starts. Marvell Wynne, Hunter Freeman, and Jamie Smith had their options declined by the Rapids because all three are, quite frankly, making out like bandits with their salaries. (Marvell is currently making $326,667, Hunter is making $110,793 and Jamie is making $158,992.) It would be interesting if one or three of them actually made it into the draft -- quite frankly, only Wynne would probably have a chance of being selected anyway -- but I have a feeling that all three will get their contracts sorted by the weekend.

Colorado has done quite a bit in recent RE drafts, picking up Hunter Freeman from last season's edition and Tyrone Marshall from 2011's. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that we're going to see a new player on the Colorado Rapids after this weekend, especially with a very bloated list of talent on this year's docket.