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Colorado Rapids Acquire Atiba Harris In Trade

Blockbuster trade for the Colorado R- oh, it's just Atiba Harris for an international slot? All right, well, at least it's something.

Layne Murdoch

Well, it wasn't the superb blockbuster moves we were expecting or hoping for, but the Rapids have at least put their names out there on the trading block. Monday afternoon, they dealt out an international roster spot -- a commodity that they certainly weren't lacking in -- for forward Atiba Harris.

You may remember Harris from that time he played Colorado in the regular season and didn't do much of anything, or perhaps that time he played in the MLS Cup against Colorado and didn't do much of anything. With only 17 goals and 19 assists in his MLS career, he's never been the type to light up the scoreboard. This strikes me as more of a depth signing than anything else -- I would rather start Andre Akpan any day of the week over Atiba.

Not exactly a move to get excited about, but it was certainly not a Beckerman for Ballouchy sort of debacle. Perhaps this is one of those 'hope a change of scenery sparks a magnificent career turnaround' guys in the vein of (what I keep saying about) Omar Cummings.