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Kenny Cooper Is Reportedly On The Market... Do We Dare?

Kenny Cooper, anyone? No? Well, it could work out... yeah, probably not. But could you imagine?!


Following an 18 goal season with the New York Red Bulls, Kenny Cooper has reportedly been put on the market because he didn't get along with Thierry Henry or something. To give you a bit of perspective on the numbers here, every Rapids forward combined didn't get 18 goals last season. Unless you count Tony Cascio as a forward rather than a midfielder, in which case they barely scrape him.

So... do we dare? Colorado is lacking experience up front, with Omar Cummings the only old man on campus left. If I had to pick between the two, Cooper might be the better option as well, since he has always been a consistent goal-scorer in the league, unlike the one-hit-wonder that is Cummings. (Forget the Fernando Torres of MLS, he's the Tommy Tutone of MLS. His 2009 season is 'Angel Say No'.)

I already wrote earlier today that Jeff Larentowicz could make a fine piece of trade bait, and the Red Bulls may be looking for someone to help shore up the defensive efforts in the midfield. Lord knows that Rafa Marquez isn't helping anything.

The biggest sticking point about a Larentowicz for Cooper trade would probably be the salary. (Except, of course, the fact that Rapids fans probably would rather have someone else.) If getting rid of Cooper and his $275,000 was a salary dump, taking on Jeff's $206,000 wouldn't be that much of an improvement. That's at least 16 Quincy Amarikwas though!

Probably (read: definitely) not going to happen, but still an interesting thought to entertain. It would go well with those 'Drew Moor to Portland' rumors from back in 2011 when he was playing FIFA with Kenny.