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Rumor: Dick's Sporting Goods Park Could Host US Men's National Team Hex Match vs. Costa Rica

Colorado could host a Hex match for the USMNT, if the rumors going around today are true.


(Update: According to Chris Bianchi, the game is down to either Colorado or Salt Lake City for the March 22nd game, reportedly because the team wants to play at altitude to prepare for their trip to Mexico.)

There's a rumor going around today that Dick's Sporting Goods Park will be awarded one of the Hex matches for the United States Men's National Team's latest World Cup qualifying cycle. Specifically, the rumor states that we'll be seeing the Men's team play Costa Rica on March 22nd.

The best part so far since the rumor has come out has been the whining on twitter about how the meaningless game against Guatemala at DSGP didn't sell out back in 2007. I'm fairly certain that if we can sell out a friendly against an inconsequential Australia for the Women's team, there should be no trouble with a game that will actually matter for the men.

Again, this is just a rumor, so nothing is set in stone yet. Would be quite an awesome start to the year though, especially since it's gonna be a cold one for sure. (Freeze, Costa Rican players! Freeze! Freeze!)