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Colorado Rapids Reportedly Looking At Chilean Midfielder Kevin Harbottle

Chilean youngster Kevin Harbottle is currently on the Rapids' radar, according to Chris Bianchi.


According to Chris Bianchi on Twitter, the Rapids are currently seeking out young Chilean winger Kevin Harbottle. The 22-year-old has spent his career bouncing around the Chilean league, most recently ending up with Club Deportivo Universidad Católica. He's something of a rising star in Chile, with an appearance on the Chilean National Team already under his belt.

There's a highlight video of him available on YouTube so we can see him in action -- best as I can tell, the first six minutes of the video were put together by someone who doesn't like him all that much. His ball skills appear to be top notch and he seems fast enough to outrun just about anyone, but my goodness... that finishing is 2012 Martin Rivero-esque. (Fortunately, at 22, he's still got plenty of time to grow. As a youngster, he fits in with what the Rapids are looking for.)

His size might be an issue as well, he is only 5'5''. Playing in one of the outside striker roles will probably render that point moot, though.