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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 32: Stuff Happened!

Stuff happened! Ben and I are here to talk about it in Episode 32 of the dirtiest podcast in football.

So, some stuff happened since the last time we podcasted to you guys. In fact, some major stuff happened. (OK, so it was two signings, but for crying out loud one of them was for Edson Buddle!) Fortunately, Ben and I had time to get together and chat about it on what will likely be our final Rapids Thugcast episode until right before the MLS SuperDraft in early January.

Tune into the Thugcast this week to hear Ben and myself prattle on about:

* The Re-Entry Draft and the pick-up of Eric Avila, and how it relates to the silence we have heard on Jamie Smith's lack of a re-signing.
* Edson Buddle, the trade everyone has been talking about. Is it a good trade? Will Buddle fit into Oscar Pareja's system better than Conor Casey did?
* Making fun of Mark Kiszla, as any good Colorado sports fan should do once or twice a month.
* More conspiracy theories, including the classic Palguta Conspiracy and a new one we came up with regarding Humberto Suazo -- because we can't go an episode without talking about our favorite out-of-reach striker.
* Rafa Marquez hilarity, and some crabbing about how terrible the Designated Player rule can be.

Click on the Thugcast logo below to check out this week's Rapids Thugcast!