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MLS Team Reportedly Looking At Humberto Suazo, Not Colorado

Humberto Suazo, a guy who I have been clamoring for the Rapids to look at all season, is reportedly getting looked at by an MLS team that is decidedly not the Rapids.

Kiyoshi Ota

@MLSTransfers is the newest kid on the block in the MLS twitter market when it comes to transfer rumors. They're an account run by several people with ties to various MLS clubs, so they seem to be legit. (Unlike a certain MLS Rumors account that I could mention!)

(That's actually not true at all, and they're probably making everything up, but I like any excuse to write a Humberto Suazo story!)

Well, I've been calling all season for the Rapids to take a look at Chilean star forward Humberto Suazo out of Monterrey in Mexico. He's one of my favorite players in the world, is coming off of an incredibly down year and may be looking for a change. Colorado could certainly use the services of a brilliant striker like him, so it makes sense that even with the big expense it would take, he would be a masterful signing.

Well, MLS Transfers said today that a team from the league is reportedly looking at him! Wonder who it is?

God damnit.