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Eric Avila Tweets Cryptic Things

Cryptic, I say!


There are very few 'unknowns' left for the Rapids right now. We know that they've re-signed Marvell Wynne, and all of the players that were cut a while back either have new homes (Casey to Philly, Freeman to New England) or will likely not be playing soccer much longer in MLS. We know that Edson Buddle will probably be the starter at center forward for the team unless they pick up another, better Humberto Suazo guy. We know

Only two things left to know really are Jamie Smith and Eric Avila. We haven't heard a word on Smith since the Re-Entry Draft went by without him being selected. We probably won't hear anything until Avila's contract negotiations are solved, with the two more than likely expected to perform similar duties next year.

Oh yeah, and Avila just tweeted this:

That could mean plenty of things. Maybe he's signed and is hoping that things will change in a good way with the Rapids, assuming they keep him on for years to come. Maybe he means contract negotiations have broken down and he wants them to change. Maybe his car broke down and he's hoping that he can change his oil sooner rather than later!

It's cryptic. Cryptic, I say!