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Starting XI Update

What does our Starting XI look like as it stands right now?

Doug Pensinger

So, we saw some moves today. What would our starting XI look like if the season started right now?

Edson Buddle has been brought in to take over the center forward position, at least until a better option comes along. I've got him slotted in with Tony Cascio and Omar Cummings. Kamani Hill would have been my first choice for that right spot, but I think Oscar Pareja likes Cummings better as a starter. (Misguided as that position might seem to be, the guy did score six goals last year and played much better when both paired with a target forward and playing on the side. Not being in the center at all next year should help.)

We still are lacking defense, in fact the bench down there looks pretty terrible in terms of defense. Davy Armstrong is the only defender on the bench, unless you count Pablo Mastroeni. There is no way that this is what the roster looks like when the season starts, and I'm willing to bet that the XI will look different as well. (I'd say Pickens, Rivero and Moor are the only ones I have set in stone in their positions.)

With all that in mind, here's what I'm expecting the Colorado starting XI to look like next season, at least assuming absolutely nothing else happens in the off-season (for instance, the draft gets cancelled!):

Tony Cascio - Edson Buddle - Omar Cummings

Jaime Castrillon - Martin Rivero

Hendry Thomas

Anthony Wallace - Chris Klute - Drew Moor - Marvell Wynne

Matt Pickens

BENCH: Steward Ceus, Davy Armstrong, Pablo Mastroeni, Jeff Larentowicz, Eric Avila, Andre Akpan, Kamani Hill