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Oh Yeah, And Marvell Wynne Re-Signed Or Something

Marvell Wynne was re-signed on Friday by the Rapids.


It's certainly been an exciting day, eh? Eric Avila was selected in the Re-Entry Draft, giving them another solid option in the midfield. Edson Buddle was acquired for some allocation money and a supplemental draft pick, giving the Rapids at the very least a solid back-up option at center forward for the future.

Oh yeah, and some guy named Marvell Wynne apparently re-signed with the team or something.

Wynne has been rumored as the big new re-signing from today for quite a while now, and it was essentially confirmed that it was Wynne when he didn't get picked in the RED. Hunter Freeman ended up leaving in the draft, and Jamie Smith was not picked, but is still out of contract. If they're going to focus their efforts on re-signing anyone else, Smith might be the guy to look at next.

Then again, Avila could be Smith's replacement. Who knows at this point!?