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Rapids Acquire Edson Buddle From LA Galaxy

Edson Buddle is now a member of the Colorado Rapids, thanks to a trade from the LA Galaxy.

Kevork Djansezian

So, uh. That came out of nowhere.

The Rapids on Friday picked up Eric Avila in the Re-Entry Draft and immediately after that, dropped a heck of a bombshell on us. Colorado has traded a supplemental pick and some allocation money to the LA Galaxy for Edson Buddle.

Buddle has 45 goals in 106 appearances with the Galaxy. He was an absolute beast in his prime in MLS, but there was always debate as to whether or not it was all him or the quality of the service being provided. (At least, that's what I was always saying about him.)

I highly doubt he's going to become a full-time starter for the team, but Buddle has the resume to make you smile as a backup striker in MLS. Now, if the Rapids use Buddle as an excuse to not pick up another solid striker to play as our everyday center forward, I'm going to be worried. Something tells me this is the first move of a batch of them coming up.