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Doesn't Look Like Hunter Freeman's Coming Back

Hunter Freeman made a tweet on Thursday that made it sound like he wasn't coming back to the Rapids in 2013.

Marc Piscotty

Hunter Freeman is one of three players that the Rapids need to have re-signed by the start of the Re-Entry Draft if they want to avoid other teams taking him away. Based on a tweet that he sent out yesterday, it looks like he won't be coming back even if he doesn't end up getting picked:

This, of course, is pretty much an assurance that the signing we were told would happen later today will indeed be Marvell Wynne. It could be Jamie Smith, of course, but Wynne seems the far more likely of the two to be on top priority at the moment for this team, considering how quickly we seem to be losing defenders this off-season.

In other news, our starting back line now looks like this:

Wallace - Moor - Wynne - Armstrong

Hoo boy, still might need to get on that at some point. I like Davy Armstrong, but... yeah.