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MLS Re-Entry Draft Concludes Friday

The draft will start at 1 p.m. MT on Friday. As of this writing, Marvell Wynne is still in it. Excitement?

Trevor Brown

The final round of the MLS Re-Entry Draft will come today at 1 p.m. MT as the teams gear up for what should be a far more exciting round than the first one.

In Round 1, only Maicon Santos was selected, by the Chicago Fire. In the second round teams get to re-negotiate contracts with the players they pick, meaning more teams will take risks on guys who were removed due to bloated salaries.

As of this writing, all three players that Colorado had eligible for the draft are still in it. (Not counting the big list of players that were released, like Conor Casey and Tyrone Marshall, of course.) Marvell Wynne, Jamie Smith and Hunter Freeman will all be vulnerable if none get re-signed in the final hours, though I still think only Wynne is much of a threat to be taken. Tim Hinchey did announce on twitter that a re-signing would be made today, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens before the draft begins.

Colorado picked Hunter Freeman in the second round last year.