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MLS Re-Entry Draft: Ike Opara's Out, Who Do We Want?

We all kind of hoped that the Rapids would pick Ike Opara in the Re-Entry Draft. That option's gone now, with Opara in Kansas City. Who else is there for the Rapids to pick?

Brian Bahr

One of the biggest names in the MLS Re-Entry Draft was Ike Opara, the young defender out of San Jose. Both myself and Ben agreed that he would probably be the best option for the Rapids in the second round of the RED, but that dream has sadly ended. On Wednesday, Sporting Kansas City traded for the youngster, ending his potential free-agency and participation in the draft.

So now, that leaves the question of who else might be worth taking.

I'm a fan of Corben Bone, the former Chicago Fire midfielder, but he might be a lower level target for a team that already has a ton of midfielders on the roster. Perhaps someone like Gonzalo Segares or Danny Califf could be an option if they are looking for defenders.

The Rapids have used their second round picks to get guys like Tyrone Marshall and Hunter Freeman in the past few years, so it won't be out of the question to expect them to pick someone. Who do you think the Rapids should go for?