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2013 MLS Draft: Rapids Have Five Supplemental Picks

Colorado will have five picks in the Supplemental Round of the 2013 draft.

Ned Dishman

We already know that the Colorado Rapids have three picks in the first two rounds of the MLS SuperDraft -- the 6th overall pick in each round and the 11th pick in the second draft, which they picked up from the Chicago Fire in the Wells Thompson trade. Turns out that their drafting won't be done with those three picks though, as they'll have a bunch of Supplemental picks as well.

They'll have the sixth overall pick in each round, along with the 37th overall pick in the draft, which they got in the trade that send Colin Clark to the Houston Dynamo for Brian Mullan.

Usually, great players aren't found as low in the draft as the Supplemental Round, but there are usually some guys with promise in there -- Kohei Yamada will be a name we probably remember from last year, jettisoned only because he was using up an international slot. Jeff Larentowicz was also, famously, a supplemental pick.

Here are the five picks, from

Round 1: 6th overall

Round 2: 25th overall

Round 2: 37th overall

Round 3: 44th overall

Round 4: 63rd overall