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10 Keys Recap No. 4: Midfield Gelling

We're recapping the 10 keys to the season I laid out back in early March. Here's No. 4, Midfield Gelling.

Marc Piscotty

Before the 2012 season began, I counted down the Top 10 keys to a successful season. Obviously, the season was anything but successful, so looking back at them is probably not going to be that much fun. Here's No. 4, the Midfield gelling.

Before the season, I was worried that the new faces in the midfield would be a problem. Turns out I was focusing on the wrong part of the field.

The midfield actually did quite well this season, new players and old. Jaime Castrillon scored eight goals for the team, Martin Rivero looked like a potential future star and, later in the season, Hendry Thomas provided a brilliant infusion of passing and defensive mettle. Even old guard players looked good, with Jeff Larentowicz being solid if not spectacular, and Brian Mullan suddenly turning into an archetype of attacking winger that we'd never seen through his career.

In fact, the midfield was about the only part of the field that did all right for themselves during the season. The forwards couldn't score and the defense couldn't stop anyone else from scoring. Maybe we should focus on them for next season, it appears that Pareja's revamped midfield will be fine if they leave them alone.