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Election Day Poll: I Elect To Ask You, Which Area Needs The Most Help?

It's election day, so I figured a poll was in order. What position do the Rapids need to focus on the most in the off season?

I voted for... eh, never mind.
I voted for... eh, never mind.
Chip Somodevilla

Romney? Obama? Pssh. This election day, it's all about soccer polls!

Seriously though, the question is simple, which position do you think the Rapids need to focus on the most during the off season. After a year in which they lost 19 games, it's clear that some help is needed... but where is it needed the most?

Here's my cases for all three:

Forwards - 44 goals is nice, but not on the huge number of shots the team took. The team clearly needs a specialist who can bang in goals like Casey/Cummings did back in the days of yore (2010 is the days of yore). Fortunately, it looks like they're looking at a DP in this department, but nothing's assured!

Midfield - If there's a strong section to the team, I'd argue it's probably the midfield. Martin Rivero and Hendry Thomas need to come back to keep it that way, but if they both do I think we'll be fine there. The only real problem is a lack of good depth, specifically a lack of attacking options that aren't just converted forwards like Kamani Hill.

Defense - 50 goals allowed and the goalie was still the MVP of the team? Yeesh. The defense has plenty of solid players, but they lack another guy like Drew Moor who can really hold the place down, and all of the fullback options are Kosuke Kimura clones -- all attack, no defense.