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Bravo: Rapids 'Actively' Searching For Designated Player

According to Paul Bravo, the Rapids are actively searching for a Designated Player.

Doug Pensinger

During a talk with Marcelo Balboa on Mile High Sports radio on Sunday, Paul Bravo let loose something that we've heard before from the Rapids, but haven't really heard recently. They're reportedly actively searching for a designated player to shore up the team following a disappointing 2012 season.

DPs were seemingly out of the question when Jeff Plush was the man in charge back in the Gary Smith years, with the $400K contract handed out to Conor Casey being the closest thing we were getting to it. Apparently the change in philosophy has gotten all the way to the top, where the team can start splashing cash on a big name. The team certainly has plenty of needs, and getting a big name player on the defense or in the strike force would be a solid start to the team building that needs to be done in the off season.

Combine a DP and a top player from the SuperDraft, and they'll probably only need to add one or two other players to the mix in order to get things ready for 2013, if we're looking to just hit the basics of being a team that sniffs the playoffs again.

Of course, Ben and myself have a suggestion if they're looking for potential designated player candidates, but y'all already know who it is, don't you?