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MLS Cup 2012: Who You Got?

LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo for the second year in a row -- who you got?

Stephen Dunn

Last season's MLS Cup might have been the most boring MLS Cup of all time. Sure, Colorado vs. FC Dallas was a pretty bad game, but at least it was unpredictable. Last season, anyone who wasn't being completely disingenuous knew exactly what was going to happen. With no Brad Davis, the Dynamo were going to turtle the entire game, LA were going to break them down once or twice for a goal and it would all be terrible.

Lo and behold, that's exactly what happened!

Fortunately, the Dynamo should have a bit more offensive kick to their game this time around and have looked quite good in their playoff run this time around. The game being at HDC again will be tough -- this is your reminder that had the Dynamo played their backups against the Rapids in the last game of the year, they'd probably be hosting! -- but it should at least be more watchable than last year's game.

So, who you got?